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JavaScript Spell Check 2.7

JavaScript Spell Check JavaScript Spell Check 2.7

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JavaScript Spell Check Publisher's Description

Demo & Download: http://www . javascriptspellcheck . com
JavaScript Spell Check is the spell checking component for JavaScript. JavaScript Spell Check.
Extends your Website with :
- Spell Check Website Forms and Variables
- Ajax Spell Checking
- Real-Time Spelling Valiation.
JavaScriptSpellCheck is a comprehensive spell checking component for JavaScript. You can add custom spell-checking capabilities to your websites in minutes.
JavaScriptSpellCheck provides 3 powerful spell checking features:
- Pop-Up Spell Checker Window similar to that in Microsoft Word. This is ideal for spell checking website forms and data entry.
- Ajax Spell Check. A fully featured Ajax Spellcheck API so you to develop your own rich spellchecking applications.
- A New SpellCheck() function added to JavaScript
JavaScriptSpellCheck installs easily onto almost all modern Microsoft web hosting. Just upload and go...
Compatible with:
- HTML (W3C Compliant)
- XHTML (W3C Compliant)
- ASP.Net
JavaScriptSpellCheck Features
------------------------------ - - - - - - - -
Sophisticated software component:
Spell Checker Dialog
JavaScriptSpellCheck allows you to call Microsoft Word style spell-checking on any form field, string, HTML Element or iFrame.
The spell checker dialog supports custom user dictionaries , grammar and over 10 international languages.
Ajax Spell Check
JavaScriptSpellCheck's Ajax feature (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) allows you to perform live spellchecking as a web page runs.
With Ajax Spell Check you can build rich, interactive spelling applications.
SpellCheck() Function for JavaScript
------------------------------ - - - - - - - - - - - -
The synchronous spellCheck function for JavaScript allows you to check spelling and get spelling suggestions with ease.
This is ideal for form validation, and much more...
Broadly Compatible & Easy to use.

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